Your Voicemail Sings (Music Thoughts: …feels like Love, Marsha Bertenetti)

FrontMarsha Bertenetti, also known as Marsha Graham, is known as “The Voicemail Queen” because hers is the voice you hear when you get a wrong number. You know, the one that says “The number you called has been disconnected.”  According to her bio page on her website, she has guested in a number of talk shows become some dubbed by the press as “The Voice America Loves To Hate.”

I don’t hate her album “…feels like Love.” Bertenetti has obviously a pleasant singing voice. But it is kind of bland, and I am instantly bored by it. Her style is relaxed, which doesn’t help. I mean, she sings in a nice and pleasant manner, and would probably do well at a hotel lounge if she has great personality, but on record is just too vanilla. For example, ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ is a mine for a lot of expression, but she sings it here like she is teaching how to bake chocolate chip cookies. She titled her album “…feelis like Love” but I don’t feel anything.

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