Tan Men (Webseries Thoughts: Meet The Morecocks: Team Tan, Cockyboys)


The third installment of Cockyboy’s Meet The Morecox is titled ‘Team Tan,’ and focuses on Levi Karter and Ricky Roman. The title stems from a hashtag that became popular on Twitter because both Karter and Roman are the only men ‘of color’ from the Cockyboys roster. (‘But I don’t even understand Spanish,’ Karter muses) I was particularly drawn to this episode, because I have a porn crush on Karter, and even took a selfie with him when I saw him at a club last year, and I thought it would be nice to see some back story on the real Levi.  And we get a little bit of that – we learn that he is from Ohio, and had some coming out issues with his mom. Well, not necessarily from coming out as gay (she is super supportive) but from being a porn star. Apparently, he had already some some scenes but never told her, and was outed by a meddling aunt when it got around their small town. He came into class one day and saw ‘Levi Karter’ scrolled on the blackboard. This necessitated a meeting between Jake Jaxson, one of Cocky’s owners, to have a meeting with her, and he tears up when relating what she said: ‘I just wanted him to settle down with a nice man.’  Later we see footage of Karter tearing up after attending his first Pride parade. It was nice to see that side of Karter, which makes him love him more – he seems to be a nice, decent kid.

My only complaint here is that I wish it was longer. At only an hour per episode of the docuseries, one feels short changed. And why the big gap between episodes, too? But I like the fact that the studio makes these to make us know their models just a little more intimately – int he more wholesome sense.

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