Pretty Petals (Perfume Thoughts: Star Magnolia, Jo Malone)

o.46764Jo Malone is known for their simple, minimalist packaging so when my SA sent me a picture of their new limited edition release, I was gladly impressed because the bottle for Star Magnolia had – wait for this – petals!  Look at the picture on the right  – isn’t it just magnificent? I am such a sucker for marketing and packaging, I admit.

Thank God the juice is as magnificent. I have always been a fan of the magnolia flower note and Anna Flipo delivers a big beautiful magnolia here. It is an interesting magnolia too – in the beginning you get a lemon citrus blast with it, and then it dries down to a nice dewy magnolia. In the desert where I live it is proving to be most welcome. I know that the drydown has sandalwood to round the note, but I don’t even smell it on me, as I only get the magnolia and some laundry musks. There is a lot of ‘fabric softener’ in the end, to be honest, but I can easily accept it.

This is yet another winner for Jo Malone, which is really on a streak lately.

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