For Quiet Nights (Music Thoughts, Turn Up The Quiet, Diana Krall)

MI0004192319Whenever I listen to Diana Krall, I remember my old and dear friend Joel. He hated her music, and thought she was all flash with nothing to show for it. He’s somewhat correct – just look at the album cover of her newest album, ‘Turn Up The Quiet,” and look at its cover, and you can see she spent a huge amount of effort for the album cover. I never totally agreed with my friend Joel – I have always enjoyed her music over the years, but I do get where he was coming from.

Her new album is an all-standards affair, and it’s nice to see her go back to form in this one. Again, look at the cover and you can see what she is trying to convey – a modern sense of nostalgia, with vinyl records casually and artfully placed. This is an album that’s is probably meant to be romantic – the arrangements are soft (she only lightly swings at the most)  and her vocals barely register over a whisper. Backed by a trio, quartet, and quintet, at times it reminded me of Julie London, and I wonder if that was intentional. I liked some tracks – her ‘Night and Day’ is cooing cool at its finest, and when I saw ‘Sway,” I thought it would be a generic version of that song, and I was surprised she slowed it down, and found some meaning in its pop high. But there are also tracks that made me a little mad – like she kept on repeating the phrase ‘isn’t it romantic’ on that song, and did not end all verses with ‘Isn’t it Romance,?’ ruining not only the rhyme, but the whole point of that song (I can see my friend Joel’s ears flaring up)  But all in all, this is a harmless baby-making album that I suspect will be popular with a lot of people. Turn off your lights, light a Diptyque candle, and play this to ‘turn up the quiet’ and it will be a good curated experience.

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