The Scent Of Going Away From Me (Perfume Thoughts, Superstitious, Frédéric Malle x Alber Elbaz)

alber-e2The idea of Frédéric Malle x Alber Elbaz is so wonderful – “a grand aldehydic floral” – that I wanted to sample it just as I finished reading that description. Even its name is alluring: Superstitious. The notes, as described are as follows: Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine, peach, apricot skin, labdanum resinoid, sandalwood, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, mask.

That’s a lot right there, and when you first spritz Sueperstitious, you kind of smell all of them right away. My skin always skews sweeter, so I got a little more peach and ‘apricot skin,’ which, I am guessing, is its rind? It’s not too sweet on me, and I particular like its dryness. But maybe because I am in a dry climate area that the aldehydes – here it is fizzy and soapy – came out so strong that it  smelled way too clean on me – and you know I don’t like clean. Even Louise, my Malle Sales assistant, said “this is turning a little more soapy on you.’ And yes, she is right, I was laughing with her because on me, it smelled like I bathed in Dial Soap – the orange one – and my skin smelled freshly-soaped as if I just stepped out of the shower. I thought, well yes, that’s an interesting idea, but is this idea worth its price point. Honestly, I gave up and put it on my ‘close, but no cigar list.’

Then I got home, and I started smelling it on me again. And the long dry down (about a couple of hours later) proved to be much more appealing. Yes the clean aldehyde apricot Dial soap accord is still there but there was also something that jolted me – a cold incense note that is quite wonderful, smoky sweet and quite unique. And my heart started to palpitate – wow that Dominique Ropion is a genius Elbaz himself described the perfume as such: “the perfume of a dress, the silhouette that lingers after it has left a room,” and I get what he is saying (it’s not just flowery press release after all)

Superstitious is a great gauzy soapy scent that maybe too much when it is there, but is haunting when it starts to leave. And I am madly in love again.


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