Walk In The City (Movie Thoughts: Nobody Walks In LA)

Cxgasa1VEAAr9TLRichard Linklater, via his Before Sunset/Midnight series, started that thing about a couple talking and exploring each other’s feelings in a  course of a night/day.  ‘Nobody Walks In LA,’ written and directed by Jesse Shapiro, takes a familiar route:  Miles and Becca, played by Kim Shaw and Adam Shapiro, walk, take the bus, Metro all over Los Angeles as they talk their way out of their problems – mostly his as he discovers his girlfriend cheated on him days before their upcoming wedding. Cue in a couple of montage scenes, some party sequences, and just about every cliche out there. Los Angeles, for me, has never been the most romantic city – much too manicured for that – but this film shows some grit along with that that makes the city more down to earth. In the end, we do get to know a little bit more about these two characters, but we ask did we care in the first place?

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