Jasmine Sport (Perfume Thoughts: Indian Night Jasmine, The Body Shop)

Indian_edtI am a jasmine-oholic.  Whenever I chance upon a jasmine scent, i always at least sample it. A while back, I got The Body Shop’s Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette when they had it on a clearance rack, and I quickly filed it, never used it, never even sniffed it. And yesterday, while looking through my bottles, saw it, and spritzed it for the day.  According to their website blurb, this fragrance was “inspired by a moonlit night in a Mughal garden,” and how exotic does that sound, right?  Since this is, in reality, a ‘cheapie,’ I wasn’t expecting much. But shouldn’t I? I mean, Diane Von Furstenberg’s ‘Tatiana’ is a wonderful drug store scent, although I really I have not sniffed the current reformulation of it.

But this one, though – it’s just bad. The initial burst is jasmine-ish, but more on the chemical cheap kind. It very quickly dissolves into the base – and what is it – a generic sandalwood base musk, not unlike a men’s departments store ‘sport’ cologne. I have seen a lot of people complain about the longevity of this, but let me tell you, it’s been hours and I still smell this generic base. You would never have thought this was a floral scent. So, essentially, FAIL!

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