Susanna Sixties (Music Thoughts: The Look Of Love, Susanna Bartilla)

album_image_largeSusanna Bartilla is a singer based in Berlin and has released a new disc titled ‘The Look Of Love,’ which is a collection of songs from the sixties. Her disc’s blurb caught my attention: “Bluesy torch songs, swinging pop and latin grooves – the vibe of the Sixties, when Dusty meets Dionne with a touch of Mama Cass.” I also read that her biggest influence is Peggy Lee so that also was a plus for me (She previously released a tribute disc to Peggy) The disc is a little bit different, selections wise, and I give her props for this: ‘Sunny Afternoon,’ ‘Our Day Will Come,’ ‘Sealed With A Kiss.’ I do hear the Peggy influence, but they are from latter day Peggy, and I don’t know if it is good or bad, but it is kind of interesting – it’s light and airy, and does give an impression of carefree swing, which matches these songs perfectly. I had to listen a couple of times to some of the tracks because Bartilla sings ‘under the notes,’ and I could swear some of them are way under, making her sound like she is singing out of tune. This is the kind of recording that probably sounds better with each listening – it is very intimate and she caresses the notes so it’s perfect for headphone listening.

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