London Pepper (Perfume Thoughts: Apuldre, Molton Brown)

26132557-5353London has been on my mind lately. I just bought my plane tickets for my yearly big vacation, and it looks like I will be passing by London again this year, in July.  So today I wore Apuldre, by Molton Brown.  This brand makes Black Pepper shower gel, and it is my favorite shower gel of all time.  Years ago, I was in London and the brand was launching a line of fragrances, called ‘Navigations Through Scents,’ which is a series of perfumes that represent different parts of the world. One of them spoke to me instantly: Apuldre.  And big surprise why it did – first of all, it is the one that represented London, and secondly, this is the scent that most resembled the black pepper shower gel (In fact, they layer marvelously together)

Apuldre is peppery vetiver.  Meant to evoke the British countryside, the notes say juniper berrys, dried leaves, and gin and tonic, among other things. But all you need to know is that it is the smell of green leaves with pepper. I know that on paper it does not sound like the most appealing fragrance on earth, but I swear once you sniff it, you will be hooked. If you like pepper on your fragrances, you will be hooked at first sniff. It was a hot day at the desert today, and even though you would think this is the last fragrance to put on, I found its warmness a perfect antidote to indoor air conditioning. My only complaint is that the scent does not last, but overspray and you will be fine.

I remember buying this in London at the Molton Brown store near Oxford Street, and I am suddenly excited about what scent will represent my 2017 trip.

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