Season Sex (Television Thoughts: Million Dollar Listing New York Season Six, Wednesdays on Bravo)

3EF8FA9E00000578-4383762-image-m-56_1491413146797There was a time I was really into these Bravo real estate shows, but somewhere along the way I lost interest. The personalities of these brokers drive these shows, for sure, but the greed and all-money-all-the-time attitudes really turn me off now. But something lured me back to this now sixth season of Million Dollar Listing New York, and that is Steve Gold. He is a former model, and has hotshot looks that smolder, and you know what they say, sex sells. Just look at his Instagram and you will be confused at what he is selling.

On the first episode though, he doesn’t show as big a personality just yet. But I am sure that’s to come, manufactured or not. He is going to have to step up his personality game, if he wants to compete with Frederick Ecklunf and Ryan Serhant – and of course, the ghost of Luis, who retired from real estate and moved to Paris. What we do see on the first episode is, for me, more of the same ‘ol. I wasn’t terribly bored by it, but it would take a real boring time for me to watch this again. Unless of course, Gold lures me back with…something.

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