Random Beach (Perfume Thoughts: Beach Walk, Replica by Maison Martin Margiela)

Processed with Rookie CamIt looks like summer will be here very soon, and it makes me think of the beach. I love bodies of water, and I crave it more now that I live in the desert. I was at Sephora and here they had all the ‘beach’ scents front and centre, and they are prominently featuring ‘Beach Walk’ by Maison Martin Margeila. I remember sniffing this a while back, and perhaps I was unimpressed because I remember nothing about it besides the fact it is a beach scent.

It is, and a very ordinary one. You can tell that the it’s done well, it’s blended perfectly and the listed notes – bergamot, pink pepper, ylang ylang, coconut milk, musk, cedarwood, benzoin – sound interesting on paper. It’s supposedly inspired by ” a walk in Corsican beach in 1972,” and I ask why that year? What do I smell?  I  get basic suntan lotion with a kind of baby-powder accord. It smells good, and it lasts long, and I like it, but I ask: Is that all there is to this. Priced at $160, I wish it had something more. I can think of a number of beach scents at a fraction of that price, and some of them are a lot more interesting.  Just the other day I was raving about ‘At The Beach’ from Bath & Body Works. I dare say that is even more interesting that this. Perhaps I should write about that.


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