On Holy Ground (Movie Thoughts: The Shack)

large_shackThis will be a negative review of ‘The Shack.’ But before I do so, let me just tell you where I stand on spirituality and religion. I was raised a Catholic and a lot of it is still swimming in my head. I believe in faith, yes I believe in God, but no, for the most part, I do not believe in organized religion. I remember having a realization when I was at the Vatican years ago and saw how immensely wealthy the Catholic church is. And I thought to myself, if the church is preaching what it is about love and helping others, why is the organization such a fat pig and there are still a lot of starving people in the world? I am not totally against it, but if you are thinking person and not just sheep following, you would wonder.

I never did read the best-selling book by William P Young that this movie is based from – not my kind of reading, but I know it has a lot of fans. My initial reaction to the movie – is it one of those Christian propaganda movies, designed to bait? It’s not. It goes out of it’s way to be ‘partial.’ But it does that by going the way of new age mumbo-jumbo. Mackenzie Phillips (Sam Worthington, who I thought was Scott Eastwood) has a family tragedy and he questions his faith, which was not rock-solid to begin with. He gets summoned to go to a shack where said tragedy occurred, and there he meets The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. It should be more meaningful, but it’s worse: it was boring. And this film says what it tries to say in one hundred and thirteen minutes, and in the end it doesn’t say much. I wanted this to be better, and for sure the film has some competent performances, but there’s only so much Octavia Spencer. who plays ‘The Father,’ can do. In real life, she isn’t God.


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