For Love Or Money (Television Thoughts: Love Connection, Thursdays on FOX)

love_connection_keyart‘Love Connection’ goes back to basics. As its host, Andy Cohen, says, ‘ We skip the apps and go straight to the date.’  Of course, it’s a reboot of the dating show hosted by Chuck Woolery, and more or less has the basic premise – a single person goes out on a date with three people, and they both go back and recount the date, and in the end chooses the one they had a ‘love connection’ with. But this being the cruel times of today, the rebooted show has a twist – the audience also picks a match for the single person (based on  lim footage disguised a ‘first impression’)  and the bachelor/bachelorette will be given a choice – if the match is different from their choice – of $10,000 if they go on an overnight date with the audience’s choice.

The premise is flawed. Although it has not happened in the first two episodes, there really isn’t much at stake yet if they choose the money because they have had just gone on one date with the one they had a connection with. There was a dating show once that was titled ‘For Love Or Money’ and I think that title better describes the dilemma faced in this show.

Andy Cohen isn’t a bad host. I think he is in his element here because he is such an instigator that he can usurp any dirt from the contestants. I think on his talk show he is a lazy host, but he doesn’t have much to do here besides usurp himself to the love lives of these people so…

I have seen only the first two episodes and I am already addicted. I love the nastiness that comes out in the awkward dates, and I also get teary when the connection seems to be real. In these complicated times, it’s nice to go back to simplicity.

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