Jazz Singing From Japan (Music Thoughts: And I’ll Sing Once More, Sari)

DG-1009Japan is a country that has big love for jazz.  I remember during the days when I collected compact discs that whenever there was an obscure title that I was searching, more often than not it would be available in Japan.  So it is no surprise that there would be great jazz vocals that would come from Japan. One of my recent discoveries is someone named Sari. I wish I knew more about her, but all I can go by is that she is on Twitter as @SariSwing, and she does have a Facebook page, and a website, though the last one is in Japanese.

But it’s the music that matters more. In her new album, ‘And I’ll Sing Once More,’ she shows great love for the Great American Songbook, and she sings it with purposeful swing. She has a great sense of rhythm, and has a great appealing tone. She goes through the standards – ‘Too Darn Hot,’ Just One Of Those Things,’ ‘I Wish You Love’ – with great musicality. I recently played her album on a flight and it was a fantastic way to score my travel. There is one misstep – a jazz version of ‘The Sound Of Music,’ (the title of the album stems from a lyric there) but it fails more because of the song, which really isn’t too conducive to be jazzified. Otherwise, this is a good solid album.

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