The Cedar Of Your Smile (Perfume Thoughts: Cedre, Serge Lutens)

nd.591I moved my fragrance collection around recently and my Serge Lutens collection got separated from her brothers and sisters. I don’t know why, but I don’t reach to use them more, when I love most of the collection. I was thinking of that last night and told myself that today I will be wearing something from Papa Serge.

It was already warm this morning and I tried to search for something not too spicy, and after a couple of sniffs, settled on Cedre. Honestly, I have not worn this in a long while, and I thought to myself, well woodsy won’t be too bad.

Cedre is still too spicy for a hot day. I smell, just like a lot of Lutens fragrances, stewed fruit. Apple, maybe? I researched the notes and this is what I get: tuberose, cloves, cinnamon, amber, musk, and cedar. So perhaps it is the amber I am getting. I wish I got more of the tuberose but here I am a couple of hours into wearing it and I only get the spices. It’s not unpleasant, but perhaps I should wait on a cold day to fully realize the fragrance. With the heat, I smell generic Lutens.

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