Lost In Translation (Movie Thoughts: How To Be A Latin Lover)

how-to-be-a-latin-lover-50-shades-poster‘How To be A Latin Lover’ was a niche hit a couple of weeks ago when it first opened.  The movie rests on the shoulders of Eugenio Derbez, who I am told is a big star in Mexico. I have never heard of him, and if I am not mistaken this is his first film to have a major release in the States. Well, he is definitely the draw here, as he plays the role of Maximo, a jilted gigolo who has to find his way back to being taken cared of by another financier. Perhaps something is lost in translation, because I found Derbez annoying. This role should be played by someone good looking and charming, so you can understand why an older woman would be attracted by him, but I found Maximo insufferable. And physically, I don’t know how someone would find this guy attractive at all (but of course mileage on that may vary)  He is supported by a great cast – I found Rob Lowe as his fellow gigolo to be funnier, and he certainly projects better on screen (Lowe looks like how Brad Pitt should look now) and Salma Hayak, as Maximo’s sister, shows great sincerity here.  There are some genuine scenes in Derbez’s scenes with Hugo, played by cute kid Raphael Alejandro, but they aren’t enough to save the film, or my boredom.


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