Dance Me To The World (Television Thoughts: World of Dance, Tuesdays on NBC)

World-of-DanceI haven’t watched any of these reality competition shows in a while but somehow I was lured by World of Dance on NBC.  Perhaps jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough – two people I genuinely like – were the ones who lured me. And I wasn’t expecting much, but after watching two episodes back to back, I am now fairly certain I will watch the rest of the episodes the rest of the summer. I think what I liked about the show is the passion these contestants have for dancing. The show wisely doesn’t dwell that much on auditions that are bad and focuses on the great performances – and there are some great performances here. I know that some of those back stories can be very manipulative – tribute to dead father, I come from a broken family and boo hoo – but those stories really color their performances greatly, and helps with your appreciation of them. And Jennifer Lopez is a great judge – full of passion herself. And can I make a confession that U have never heard or seen NeYo in anything? But he is a good judge here, as well as Hough, though I would have to see more of them to really comment. and Jenna Tatum is emphatic  and bubbly enough as a host/mentor.  All in all, this is a great team assembled, and for now, I have high hopes.

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