HiM Can Be A Smell I Can Forget (Perfume Thoughts: HiM by Hanae Mori, Hanae Mori)

416T6lXwTfL._AC_SL230_I know Hanae Mori scents have a lot of fans among perfumistas. The female HM is a favorite of one of my friends, and I have smelled it on her numerous times. I keep on telling myself that one of these days I will pick it up. Yesterday, while looking through my samples, I saw that I have a sample of HiM by Hanae Morie, so made a mental note to give it a proper full-day wearing.

It’s nice. Very nice, as a matter of fact. The notes – lavender, amber, black currant, vanilla – intermingle well together, and is mixed pretty well. This is one of those scents that have a different highlighted note with each sniff – at times it is very sweet, on other times you get the cashmere feel of amber. I wished I loved it, but I just don’t – it smells kind of similar to a lot of scents at the mens fragrance counter at Macy*s.  It would be mice to own – heavy enough for winter, not too light for summer – and I am sure it can be found cheap at discount retailers, but I am not rushing. I may even forget.

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