Musical Tonight (Movie Thoughts: Opening Night)

opening-night-poster01The Tonys were last night, and I have mixed feelings about the telecast. Maybe it stems from my dislike of Kevin Spacey, but I just did not enjoy the telecast at all, although of course I enjoyed a lot of the content, and it is that rare night in television when Broadway is highlighted. It kind of whet my appetite and I ended up today watching ‘Opening Night,’ this film set backstage of a Broadway musical. Directed by Isaac Rentz, the film is about a stage manager (Topher Grace) who used to be a star himself on Broadway. We get to see him diffuse fire after fire in an attempt to let the show go on on opening night. It’s a cute film, and if you were to take it seriously you will find a lot of flaws, but it moves quick enough and there are enough laughs – and music – to distract you from logic. I like the fact that the musical they are staging is interesting – a jukebox musical of one-hit-wonder songs – and even stars JC Chasez of NSync.  And Grace is cute and charming in a ‘straight guy’ role among a bunch of crazy actors and performers. there are some good musical performances as well from Taye Diggs and Leslie Margherita, and that’s no surprise because those two are seasoned Broadway performers.  I enjoyed the film a lot, and recommend it especially if you are a Broadway baby like myself.

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