Standard Blues (Music Thoughts: A Taste of Me: Great American Songs, Latimore)

51G13gKDMzL._SS500Latimore is Benjamin Latimore, a famed Blues singer from the 70s, whose hit ‘Let’s Straighten it Out’ is a modern classic. In ‘A Taste Of Me: The Great American Songs,” he sings songs from The Great American Songbook, and you know me, I am always down with unique interpretations of standards.

Latimore sings these chestnuts his own way, for sure. I confess that this type of style is not my most favorite, but the marriage of it and these songs make for an interesting aural experience. He certainly feel these songs, and you can sense his familiarity and affinity for them. The title track, ‘A Taste Of me,’ is an English version of the Spanish song ‘Sabor A Mi’ and he does a very unique take on it, and I swear it sounds like a Latimore original. Only a unique artist, for example, can make Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Beautiful’ sounds like a classic blues track, and he acieves that here.  Honestly, some of these versions will not end up as my favorite ones, but more power to him for making them sound like his and his alone. If you are a Latimore fan, you will certainly love this album. If you are a fan of the songs, these may or may not suit your style.  But it’s never ever boring.

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