The Heart of The Heartland (Movie Thoughts: Heartland)

DVD_Amaray_Template.qxdThere have been so many films about gay people wherein they have to hide their love, and I am always a sucker for them, even if sometimes the film isn’t so good.  Maura Anderson’s film, ‘Heartland’ isn’t bad but it really does not offer anything new. Lauren took care of her ailing partner, and because of this, has to live back in the house of her homophobic mother.  This is Oklahoma, so we don’t even realize this is the case because there’s a prevailing sense that all of this would be kept under the rug. Enter her brother and his wife (Aaron Leddick and Beth Grant) who come into town to start a wine marketed towards a midwest market. And Lauren, after hanging out twice with Carrie (the wife) begin to develop feelings. I don’t know if I was really convinced about that transition, but sure why not. And you can already imagine what comes next after the two women kiss. Yes, I couldn’t help but get touched when the love that could not speak its name really couldn’t, but maybe that’s just from automatic reactions when I see love repressed. I don’t know if anyone else will have the same reaction. Anderson’s film has a low-key vibe that may turn off some viewers but it was just fine for me.


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