Divas Of The Day (Television Thoughts: Daytime Divas, VH1)

0f79fa150e83ecfddfd6c9a3213b44b6I love the premise of ‘Daytime Divas,’ as it explores those daily women’s chatfest shows, and this show was even created by Amy and Wendy Endelberg from the book by  Star Jones, who herself was one of the co-hosts of the ABC Daytime talk show ‘The View.’  But three episodes in, I am a little confused as what the show really is. There’s a little bit of comedy, a whole lot of melodrama, and there really isn’t a character to root for – these ladies seem to all hate each other, and for me, anyway, there’s already too much hate in the world that I don’t know if I want to watch more on my television shows.  Vanessa Williams tries a lot to put humanity in her Maxine (who is sort of like the Barbara Walters figure in here) but she’s still thinly written, and is forced to engage in scenes that are implausible. And the other ladies blend with each other, except perhaps for Mo (played by Tichina Robinson) whose character is toxic and unlikeable that in any other situation, would have been fired instantly. Still, it’s summer, and this is fluffy enough for no-frills watching. I am going on holiday soon, so I wonder if I will pick this up after.

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