The Bold And The Beautiful (Television Thoughts: The Bold Type, Freeform)

bold_typeYes, on paper, you can really spot a lot of cliches on Freeform’s new show ‘The Bold Type,’ but really the show is not as bad as I feared. In fact, this is the perfect summer show – a group of beautiful people living their lives in that fairy tale version of New York City where everyone is clean, well-dressed and the city doesn’t seem to have any smells but their perspective perfumes. Who wouldn’t want to live in that world, and for an hour a week perhaps you can experience it.

This show is executive produced by Joanna Cole, who I know from her appearances on Project Runway. Her counterpart character here,  Jacqueline, does not speak with a British accent, and although initially categorized as a Miranda Priestley like character, shows a lot of humanity here, and Melinda Hardin plays her with a lot of warmth and compassion. I love her.

And then we have the three young women – Jane, Kat, Sutton – who play the millennial young women with varying storylines that vary from ordinary (inter-office affairs) to surprisingly fresh (one interacts with a Muslim lesbian) ¬†They’re identifiable enough to be appealing even to me who is as old as the hills. All they need to add is more cute young men and I will be forever hooked.

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