Here Comes The Sun (Perfume Thoughts, Sun di Gioia , Giorgio Armani)

nd.36600Summer Solstice is this week, and it’s the worst time of the year for me, living in the desert.  The average high temperature has been on the triple digits, so I am in a scent rut – mostly rummaging through colognes that are light and cool.  But then I was at Sephora and I saw Sun di Gioia, and it sparked my interest. I am always on the look out for sun scents, aside from the suntan lotion based ones and citrussy colognes. This seemed promising, promising floral notes like freesia, frangipani and ylang ylang.  And at first blast it does was nice – heavy but not overbearing. The florals are there, and it has a faded quality – smelling like you have spritzed something and is now faint and sunned-in. I must admit it’s very different from your usual summer scents, and was appealing to me. I like that it’s heavy-ish and screams PERFUME. I found myself sniffing my arm where I sprayed it, and now I want it. There was a time I was madly in love with the original women’s Acqua di Gio, it became a sort-of signature scent of mine in the late 90s. Maybe it’s time for me to use the House of Armani again.

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