No More I Love Yous (Movie Thoughts: I Love You Both)

jTcdvA pair of twins fall for the same guy. With that premise, Doug Archibald’s ‘I Love You Both’ could have gone to the very predictable. But Archibald, who also star in the film, injects some unexpected emotions in here that while the film is imperfect, it cuts a different slice from an ordinary cake. It helps. perhaps that he stars with his real-life fraternal twin, Kristin Archibald, so there’s instant chemistry there. It also helps that it is indie, and they can more or less have more freedom in what they present here. There are a lot of things unsaid here that seem to resonate more than the dialogue – a glance, a pivot of a hand, a walk away. You feel like you went inside the hearts and souls of these two characters.

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