Recallibrating (Television Thoughts: The Bold Type S01 E02 ‘Oh Hell No’)


I wrote about out ‘The Bold Type” pilot last week, and I am even more impressed by the second episode, and for sure, this show will end up as one of my summer pleasures. The thing is, this is one of those rare times when I am looking at a show almost from the outside looking in? I mean, who would ever think I would like stories from the millennials’ points of view?

Perhaps because these three girls here aren’t as insufferable. I really like Kat most, and perhaps I gave this show less credit because it is brave of it to show a ‘transition’ of a young woman from straight to … someone sexually fluid? And I like the way they are handling it, with the confusion more internal for her. At first, I thought Jane’s ‘reveal’ was a little unreal, but statistics obviously show I am wrong. And, I like the way they resolved the dilemma of her not having had any orgasm. And I like the hopefully budding she has with he male sex columnist. Now for Sutton’s dilemma : I know I always give advice to people to ‘follow your dreams,’ I don’t know if I ever would take the route she took here. Perhaps I will always be more practical (it’s the Virgo in me) but I really am liking Sutton more and more here.

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