Need To Bleed (Movie Thoughts: Bleed For This)

tumblr_inline_onr72infsL1t5lfk2_500‘Bleed For This’ is another boxing movie, and really, not my preferred genre. But Miles Teller is kind of cute here (although allegedly he is homophobic in real life) so I said why not. Directed by Ben younger, this film is a biopic of Vinnie Pazienza, who staged ‘the greatest comeback in Sports History.

I was I was more enthusiastic about the film, though. It’s a by-the-numbers story, and I should be more impressed because it is based on a true story. I like the set-up technique of the narration part. But, honestly, I wish I just cared more. Though I have to say that the film didn’t bore me. And Teller was good in the role, which made me temporarily impressed by him. I call this ‘The Gwyneth Paltrow Syndrome,’ which made me forget what I hate about the actor because they are believable in their characters.  One big observation, though, is it me or does Aaron Eckhart really look that old nowadays?

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