Oh Say Can You See (Movie Thoughts: Blind)

download‘Blind’ is in a lot of ways pretty bad.  It’s a love story full of holes that you will probably roll your eyes at its twist and turns. But you know what? I did not mind this. Perhaps because of its believable cast – Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, and Dylan McDermott – who can make you believe that the world is flat if they want you to. Baldwin is effortlessly efficient, and this comes at a time when his career is riding on a new high. And perhaps the film spoke to me a little bit because  it involves fifty-something people living and falling in love. I mean, this is the demographic that people no longer care about, well film wise anyway.

Or perhaps I like it because of its wonderful jazz music score.  I was brought to the film because the great Ann Hampton Callaway posted that she wrote an original song for the movie. Well, that song became purely background music for a scene. But the ones that made the cut were all wonderful – Ronald Redford sings on two tracks. And there’s a wonderful new song titled ‘We’ll Always Have The Moon’ that was just moons-ical. I liked this film much more that I would want to admit, and I actually will recommend it on a jazzy melancholy Saturday night stream

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