Oslo And The City (Television Thought: Young And Promising)

Photo Aug 20, 6 14 40 PM

Of course, even Norway has a show wherein they show how cynical the Millennials are about the world today. Is it because of entitlement thing? Or just normal way of life with this generation? Written and starring Siri Seljeseth, “Young and Promising’ is sort of like ‘Girls,’ mixed with ‘Sex and the City’ but based on the first episode anyway, feels more like your typical primetime soap. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just that it veers more conventional.

It’s the story of three female friends. Sejesith s Elise, a stand up comic who lived in Los Angeles, and goes home to Oslo to renew her visa. The night before she left, she slept with her best friend Anders and left the next morning without saying goodbye. Her best friends Nenne (an unpublished author in search of a publisher for book) and Alex (an actress auditioning for the National Theater) round up their stories to make up two-thirds of show’s storyline.

I liked the pilot a lot. Elise finds herself rejected by the US embassy to live back in Los Angeles making her ‘stranded’ in Oslo. This after a long argument with Anders on the state of where their relationship is.


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