Berlin Bombs (Movie Thoughts: Alone In Berlin)

Seul_dans_BerlinSometimes I ask myself, will we ever tire of movies about the second world war? But of course there are still a million stories to be told, and all of them will be fascinating. ‘Alone In Berlin’ is based on book from 1947, about a husband and wife whose son perishes on the front line. As a result, they become silent rebels against the regime. Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson play Anna and Otto Quangel and Gleeson plays the father with quiet rebellion as he is unable to express his frustration with verbal anger. He is magnificent in conveying that Thompson matches, although her role is in a small scale.

I wish the film was more bombastic but I have to admit I found parts of it boring, and the pace dragging. I can sense the film’s passion but is never fully realized on screen.

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