Pop Goes The Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Rosa Pop, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria)

aaWhen an online retailer had a clearance sale recently, I saw a big steal – Rosa Pop from Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria collection for so so cheap I couldn’t not get a bottle of it. I tried to read up on it and found out that this was a Duty Free exclusive from 2015 and is now being cleared through online discounters. So, I thought, even better because it probably has been discontinued. If for anything, it should be a collector’s item soon.

My first impression? Yawn. Just another fruity floral. The rose is sheer and it’s mixed with some kind of berry, and some fizzy something, here it’s not as bright as I want the fizz to be, a thin champagne.

I went through my day. And I kid you not, I got so many compliments for this. Every other woman from the office loved it, and the cashier from Walmart did. The thing is, I was still unimpressed by it even after that.

Should I like it because it is so popular even though I am meh about it?

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