Men, Women, and Minds (Book Thoughts: The Last Bachelor, Jay McInerny)

I haven’t been reading in a while, so I did what I always do to get back into the habit – start by reading a short story collection. This collection was released in 2009, so there quite a few references to 9/11, as for sure these stories are on his mind while we were dealing with that world. For me, these stories are varied  – I liked ‘Invisible Fences,’ where a couple every Friday dumps their children at their grandparent and spends the evening searching for a ‘third,’ and realize on one particular night that maybe what each one. I also liked the title story wherein on the eve on a womanizer’s wedding, he calls up his ex-girlfriend to spend an evening with her.  The stories here show the psyche of people at a particular time: i.e. the end of the first decade of the aughts.

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