Vacationing With Tiffany (Movie Thoughts: Girls Trip)

gals‘Girls Trip’ is probably the funniest movie I have seen this year. What I find interesting is that I wasn’t rushing to see this film, and now I regret that because this one had some truly laugh-out-loud moments. And I am now madly in Tiffany Hadish, who stole the film from her co-stars Queen Latifaha, Jada Smith, and Regina Hall, who by the way all give formidale performances. But it’s Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany all moments all the time for me. She is a heavy comedic actress here via a Nene Leakes execution. A star is born.

Or perhaps I loved it because the film is about a reunion of four friends, and I just recently from a similar trip with friends I have known for 40 years. Plus, surprisingly this film has a big big heart. There is a little bit of lag past the mid-way point, and perhaps the two hour running time is a bit hefty, but it’s never boring and Tiffany makes it work. And have I mentioned Tiffany yet? I’ll be forever her fan.

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