With Some People (Movie Thoughts: Person To Person)

large_personSometimes it takes a while for a viewer to get into a groove of a movie. For me, the first part of ‘Person To Person’ was a slow and cumbersome, and I couldn’t figure out characters – they have quirks and intricacies and I couldn’t figure out where they were headed to.  But after a while it hit, and I kinda get it. As a former New Yorker, I recognize these and know variations of these characters. I just wish the film didn’t take its time, and it also would have worked if there were some clearer connections between them, not just seemingly random ones.

I did like the character played by Bene Coopersmith, a record collector who comes close to a rare Charlie Parker. As a music collector myself, I identified with the rush of getting rare music, and I was a big compact disc collector during the mid to end 90s.

All in all, I like this film enough by the end – it has a certain low-watt sweetness that’s appealing and I eventually cared for these characters by the end of the film.

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