Dignity (Television Thought, Episode 1 to 6, Younger)

Photo Aug 20, 6 20 37 PMI have not written a whole lot about the fifth season of ‘Younger,’ which started fairly recently. I am still enjoying it, and by now it is great to see all the regulars so comfortable in the skin of all of their characters. And it was very interesting to see where they are going after the fourth season bombshell. Kelsey is hurt that Liza lied to her, and initially is so mad it lasted three episodes. Younger handles this story well. Crazy Ex Girlfriend did the exact same thing and their treatment annoyed (they made it run too long) And then there’s Josh’s new girlfriend, a plot point that was used to manipulate their storyline as a couple setting up the finally moment of Liza and Charles kissing and doing almost all. I predict this will be the season of ‘Chiza’

What I have noticed is that his is the season where they aimless. I like the fact so far, until the last one, they are just going on about their lives, and some episodes were quite fan. As Liza and Charles are starting to go hot and heavy, the show played around hot and heavy with Kelsey and Josh. I honestly how they were able that situation, and their resolution was dignified and classy.

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