Miles Away (Movie Thoughts, Miles)

milesThere are lots of things to not like about ‘Miles.’ The title character, Miles, who is selfish; his mother who is a weakling, and the over all manipulative tone of the film. Still, I really liked the movie as a whole. I thought Tim Boardman, who play Miles, was charismatic and fun to watch, and his charm wins out over the deficiencies of the character on paper. And Molly Shannon is great, too, without maybe just a little too much vulerability. Shannon plays with some humour, which cuts down on its weepiness. Based on a true story, Miles tries to get a scholarship after he discovers that his father has squandered all his college money. Maybe because I know how it is to be trapped in a situation similar. I do realize the character’s sense of entitlement but perhaps because Miles isn’t a millennial that I was able to ignore that. I even tore up on some scenes. I am not making excuses for my enjoyment of this film, because I like what I like, and I liked this film a lot.

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