Heavy Cake (Perfume Thoughts: Girl Of Now, Elie Saab)

Elie Saab’s very first perfume, impressed me, and I now wonder why I don’t own it. Signed by Kurkdjian, it is a great execution of his favorite note, orange blossom. I have worn Saab’s newest release, Girl Of Now, for two days straight and I still cannot figure out how I really feel about. On one hand, this is a gourmand oriental – it smells like a very heavy fruity floral – and we don’t really get that very often. It’s unique. But it’s heaviness kind of throws me off – this is dense and overly sweet, and relentless. There were moments that it was giving me a headache.  Then I realized I wore this in the middle of the desert heat. The sugar really got intensified. The pistachio and pear blasted off with the almond, and Girl Of Now smelled like a nutty liqueur. Final judgement after I wear it during the colder months – it will probably be subtle then

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