Intimacy (Music Thoughts: The Intimate Side, Diane Armesto)

dssideI thought Diane Armesto album ‘The Intimate Side’ was the same title as one of June Christy’s records. Close, but Christy’s title is ‘The Intimate Miss Christy.’ And besides, the singer think Ms. Armesto is influenced by is Shirley Horn. Armesto as a singer plays around with slow jazz tempos and sings softly, at times whispering, and like Horn, plays around with silence, and pauses. I don’t dislike it, and my one reservation is that her interpretations don’t make me totally hear Horn. The album has ten tracks, but really just five songs, two versions of each: a long one, and a radio edit. Of course, I like the longer versions, as they gie the songs room to breath. Of course the radio edits make the tracks more accessible, although are there jazz stations that play songs by obscure jazz singers?

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