First Love Never Dies (Film Thoughts: Something Like Summer)

downloadI read Jay Bell’s book ‘Something Like Summer’ when it first came out and remember loving it. But the thing about old age is that I forget a lot of things. So not remembering a lot of the plot made it fresh a it navigated the love story of Ben and Tim. I think if I had remembered it more, I might be more critical. As the film rolled along I suddenly remembered parts of the story, though.

I loved the film. This is one of those rare queer movies where the story is just a love story, nothing else. It just traces the course of Ben and Tim, with all the joy and heartbreak that spans fifteen years, as we see them fall in love as high school student and ends as they graduate from College. The movie is wonderfully paced, and has a rich screenplay that I am sure even the book’s biggest fans will not feel gypped. And the film is vividly shot. At first I was a little uneasy about the song numbers – there’s a part where Tim listens to his favorite song, Roberta Flack’s ‘Kiling Me Softly,’ and when Ben sings along, and you can see the exact moment when Tim falls in love with him right there. It made me cry, seeing that seed of that love. I also loved that scene at a bistro in Paris where Ben sings to La Vie En Rose where he is forced to face his feelings of the loss of first love.

The cast is perfect, Grant Davis playing Ben, Davi Santos playing Tim, and Ben Bauer as Jace. Each actor perfectly conveying the love, the hate, the hurt and everything else in between falling in and out of love.

I really loved this film, one of those five star rating that I rarely give.

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