Naked And Falling In Love (Television Thoughts: Undressed. MTV)


‘Undressed’ is a ‘new’ series on MTV. At first I thought it was a remake of their own series from the 90s. but this is actually the American version of this franchise, which, I think, comes from Australia. Basically, it’s a reiteration of ‘Love Connection’ where two strangers meet and by 30 seconds they take each other’s clothes so they can interact naked (well, with underwear on) so that take away their inhibitions and be themselves.

It’s a great concept, and this version of the show, because it’s MTV and they want to be ‘edgy.’ is full of diversity. We have two guys who seem to be connecting but then one of them confesses that he voted for Trump, and well can you blame the other guy for giving him a big ‘No’ ? And can you blame him? At the end the Trumpette says ‘I’m starting to regret that,’ and I mutter while watching ‘I hope you learn your lesson.’

There’s a touching pair when a Trans man was paired with a gay men. And while one would think that it would be a mismatch, they had instant chemistry and yesses abound. The trans man thought he would never ever find love again.

It’s nice and cute but honestly I don’t know if I would ever seek this show again.


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