Shanghai Surprise (Perfume Thoughts: Shanghai Lily, Tom Ford Private Collection)

Photo Aug 20, 6 19 26 PMI never want to sniff anything from The Tom Ford Private Collection selection because his stuff is just so expensive, and I end up getting mad that they are so good, so most times I ignore them. But recently Shanghai Lily has been on my radar. I discovered that it is the favorite of a friend and he even told me that it’s a must for any perfume collector. (Hmmm…really? it’s that good?) so on one of my trips to Lucky Scent, I asked for a sample. I totally forgot about it, and until I saw the sample as I was tidying my mess of all messes. It is part of Tom Ford’s Atelier d’Orient collection, and inspired by Asian Silk and Spice Roads.

It is classified as a Floriental – deep and dark interpretations of dark ¬†and white florals. It’s heavy, for sure, and even the citrus notes seem denser. The floral center is lily, and with spice and incense on top, it almost assaults you on top. The bitter orange note comes up in the heart, and the effect is skin to a lighter version YSL Opium, which makes it smell a little more modern. The drydown is more woody, and is faint, in my opinion. With the money you are paying for it, you really should be getting more. But who am I kidding? This just got placed on my Must-Buy list.

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