Tones of Blossoms (Music Thoughts: The Good Life, Tone Franck with Nikolaz Bentzon Trio)

dowrieBlossom Dearie is one of my favorite jazz singer of all time. A friend of mine describes her as a “jazzy librarian” as a joke and I think it is kind of apt. Her light voice, her light touch is unique and of course, you hear her sing one not and you will instantly recognize her unique style. So I am glad there have been a couple tribute albums honoring her, and I just listened to one that’s not bad.

‘The Good Life’ by Tone Franck with Nikolaj Bentzon celebrates Blossom Dearie. I have never heard of either one of them. I googled Tone Franck and there is really nothing on the internet about her. I don’t even know where she is from. Even Bentzon’s is spotty. I see he went to school in Boston but every other thing is all over the place/

Franck’s voice serves Blossom’s songs well – she doesn’t really mimic Dearie’s voice (Hello Lisa Ekdahl) but she puts her spin on them. I wish her spin was more distinct, to be honest. Arrangements by Bentzon is nice and innovative.  I have to admit that his arrangements stand out more than the vocals, and very rare that this happens to me, because most times, I am all about the voice.

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