Only In Miami (Movie Thoughts: After The Rain)

img_1037I always say that a relationship will never never work out if the people in it do not want the same thing. In ‘After The Rain’ young married couple’s relationship goes through the ringer  when Diego (played by Nick Puga) wanting to finish his in-the-works novel, goes to Miami Beach before he starts working in Finance, courtesy of his wife’s (Edy Gamen) family connections. Ha hasn’t even been there two days when he meets Vanessa (Kandis Fay) the bartender at the hotel where his staying. One thing leads to another when they start hanging out. And there is sexual tension in the air. And I think you can guess, or can you, what happens next.

I like the low-complexity here of the conflict. At some point, you question yourself what you think how all this would be resolved. Puga and Fay give subtle performance, and they do have chemistry.  don’t know if I really like the ending, to be honest. It felt like the characters took the easy way out. But then, it real life, that happens a lot.

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