Lady Joyce (Music Thoughts: Lady Be Good, Joyce Yuille)

joyceyI was reading Joyce Yuille’s bio on her webpage and in there it says that her all-time favorite singer is Phyllis Hyman.  That made me want to pull out and listen to her new album ‘Lady Be God’ right away.’ I was curious if her ‘sound’ is similar to Hyman’s.

If only. My initial reaction? Meh, she sounds like any other young person singing jazz standards. And I don’t even know her age, and maybe what stuck with me is that she started as a model and ended up singing. I played the album and I started to really ‘hear’ it. She sings with a lot of subtlety. There’s a wonderful ‘Beautiful Love’ that’s sounds like a slow-burn Summer Afternoon. But, something’s still off, it’s still short of feeling. I blame this on…youth. I am confident, though, as she has a lot of potential. She’ll get there/

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