In KINÓ‘Gang Bang,(A Modern Love Story)’ there is a lot of sex. Even in rural France, all the teenagers think about is sex, just like any place in the world. But it is as if these kids do not really want to have sex, but only do it to express emotions they feel inside. I read an article that millennials have a lot less sex in general. Maybe with all that’s happening in the world that’s the last thing on their mind.

The kids in this film have a lot of tangled emotions. One manipulates a girl to have sex only to ignore her the day after. A deep friendship gets broken over a man. But they talk act and have sex like zombies. At a young age, they are oblivious to another.

I sound like these kids as the subjects are boring.  On the contrary, I was fascinated by the characters. I don’t really know much about the post-millennial generation and this gives me a glimpse on what they feel, how they act, how they live.  I felt like I was watching art, daring me to contemplate about what I am seeing and feeling. Even the sex and nudity was more challenging and not for arousal, akin to seeing the statue of David. Take a chance on this.


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