To Smell And Contemplate (Perfume Thoughts: Reapelle-Toi, L’Artisan Perfumeur)

retoiRapelle-Toi was launched in 2014, as part of the Explosion d’Emotion line. I have all of them now, and this one I bought from the line because it did not really speak to me then. But when it came up on one of the discount sites with a price so low you’re stupid if you don’t get it. Besides, I told myself, it would complete my collection if I do.

After purchase thoughts – still not in love with it. It is a very subtle fragrance. It starts with a bang: full of gin and fizz. Then it quiets down to a gardenia – not a blooming one, nut one is fading, and it’s quiet, too quiet for me, for sure. I’ve read it’s a scent that calls for contemplation. But, I have so many things I am contemplating with that I don’t have space anymore.

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