Somehow Somewhere (Music Thoughts: Somehow Here Again, Heather Lowder)

coverWhenever I see a theater album sung by a female, I always hold up hope. In older times that’s where I discovered shows. I would hear a song, love it, and then go to the show from where it’s from.

But even though Lowder is a great – even – fantastic singer, this album kind of fails for me. Maybe I am much too old now, but I really couldn’t enjoy this album. First, song selection. It seems too simple, simple choices, like it did not think about the songs they chose for the album. ‘The Winner Takes It All,’ I know is from ‘Mamma Mia,’ but it is from a jukebox musical and it really is a pop song. Lumping it with other theater song gives the song a big disservice. Even the other songs are so uninspired.  She loves singer’s signatures songs: Secret Love, Till there was you. It’s as if she picked every sing cliche and tried run. This just opens comparison with the original singers, and to make matters worse, she should at least change the arrangements. I mean, I don’t think anyone should sing ‘Over The Rainbow,’ full stop.

I need some food, maybe I am just hungry.

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