Governing (Television Thoughts: The Mayor, ABC)

TheMayorABC-385x570Have I been too cynical? I have just watched the pilot episode of ‘The Mayor,’ one of the new shows premiering on ABC this fall.  It’s being touted as one of the shows to watch this fall. But, it just left me cold. A rapper, Courtney Rose (Brandon Michael Hall) gets unexpectedly elected as Mayor of a North California town… and I guess hilarity ensues. The series seems to promise hope, though. This is not one of those shows who would document all stupidities of government. What we get here is someone who is earnest, who really means well, and probably would grow into a good one. Lea Michele plays his chief of staff, in one of those type A Lea Michele roles.

The pilot seemed rush as well, and could have benefited from being more expository.  It did not engage me, though Yvette Nicole Brown, playing Courtney’s mother, could lure me back in. In this age of so many shows to watch, I doubt I will go back to this.

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