Chronicles (Movie Thoughts: Chronically Metropolitan)

Photo Sep 04, 8 54 39 AMI don’t understand the title of this movie but it intrigued me.  Anything that has Mary Louise Parker cannot be bad, right?  But it’s not too bad,  and also not too good. Basically, this is a story about rich people from the Upper East Side, and probably those are also the only people who can relate to the stories here. A young man returns home after leaving his family and friends because same family and friends were shamed by a short story he wrote about them in The New Yorker.

I get it. Films about New Yorkers always interests. I have been on a wistful mood lately, as I face crossroads in my life and think of happier times.  That was only redeeming factor here, as I look at familiar streets and corners in the city where I once lived.

Regarding the film. I really have no interest in these rich privileged people’s problems.

P.S. Still have no clue about the title

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