Easy Spice (Perfume Thoughts: Fou d’Absinthe, L’Artisan Parfumeur)

Photo Aug 23, 7 12 29 PMI don’t have all of L’artisan’s offerings, but I do have a lot. I never did buy Fou d’Absinthe, one of their earlier releases, for whatever reason. Today, I was rummaging through my samples when I saw one and decided, sure.

I regret everything now, for this is a wonderful perfume, so much so that here it is, 2017, and this has not been discontinued yet. That means it has a lot of fun.

Fou d’Absine starts almost weird – cold fuzzy frozen drink. ( They describe it as a steely grip of icy alcohol ) and I ask myself is this the absinthe note? I’ve never really smelled or tasted it)  Then there’s fruit to kind of cut the cold – blackberry.  also smell some herbal blends somewhere there, and so  pine? It’s blended with some spice that doesn’t feel heavy, and I bet, I said that this is a Olivia Gacobetti creation, and sure enough, I looked it up and it is. Instant Love.

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